A security system needs proper maintenance to make sure you don’t experience service interruptions. It would be useless to have a malfunctioning CCTV camera or security installer at home or your business area.

Ion Security provides security system maintenance that includes regular testing of equipment, comprehensive checkup, cleaning, adjusting of cameras and ensuring proper connections for wires and cables. We make sure it is tested by licensed and trained maintenance crew who are experts at what they do.


Security camera repair

Ion Security is committed to keeping your system up and running and ensuring that the connections are working normally. We want to keep your business, home and your family protected and secure.

We offer the following services:

• Repair services for intrusion detection and maintenance of burglar system alarm systems/
• Control system assessment, maintenance and repair.
• Maintenance of video surveillance and security camera (CCTV)
• Fire detection systems and emergency systems maintenance.
• Fast and reliable service when needed.

Ion Security won’t fail to keep your security system functioning all day and night. We ensure 100% uninterrupted security systems operation through professional maintenance and support services that will surely satisfy you.
Your security is our highest priority, give us a call today or shoot us an email via the contact form and we will be happy to provide free quotations and answer your enquiry.